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Creating India's Softest Activewear Brand

Creating India's Softest Activewear Brand

Do you also feel uncomfortable in your workout leggings after a hardcore gym session? Does the fabric of your leggings also feel sweaty and leave your skin with no room to breathe? 

In that case, you have landed yourself on the perfect page. STRCH- a leading activewear company, is dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable experience during your sports, cardio, zumba, and yoga sessions.

How? You may ask. 

With its skin-like leggings that are sweat resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-static, and has a 50+ UPF rating for sun protection. 

How is STRCH different from other activewear brands?

The activewear(s) available in the market are made up of polyester which makes them heavy and sticky due to sweat. This can lead to various skin issues such as rashes, stretch marks, and in-grown hair. 

While these are the problems with polyester-based activewear, STRCH has shifted its focus to create India's softest activewear with the help of Nylon. Our high-quality Nylon fabric offers durability, and retains its size and shape even after multiple usage. It’s stretchable, light-weight, and breathable fabric allows you unrestricted movement during your work-out. 

Not only that, the fabric also keeps you dry and comfortable with its quick-dry and sweat-resistant properties. Moreover, the style, fit, and elasticity it provides is unparalleled. 

Nylon vs Polyester: What Is A Softer Material?

When we talk about producing the softest activewear, it all comes down to the perfect blend of fabric used to create the product. STRCH spends a lot of time researching such fabrics to come up with the best activewear which fulfils all the requirements of a fitness enthusiast. 

Nylon & Spandex


Soft and light-weight material. 

Heavy material.

Does not cause skin irritation.

Causes skin irritation resulting in rashes, and stretch marks. 

Highly breathable and best for high-intensity activities. 

Slightly less breathable.

Naturally wrinkle-free

Wrinkles easily as compared to nylon. 

Features of our softest activewear 

Our softest activewear stand out due its incomparable features such as- 

  • Durability- Even with extensive and regular usage, the fabric does not lose its colour or shape. 
  • Moisture management- Due to its low absorption rate, it allows quick evaporation of sweat. 
  • Elasticity- When combined with spandex, it becomes highly stretchable and flexible. 
  • Antibacterial- It will prevent odour causing due to its antibacterial properties. 
  • Anti-static- It also helps reduce friction during intense activities. 
  • 50+ UPF rating- The fabric also has a 50+ UPF rating that protects from the sun during outdoor workout sessions or other activities. 

Why We Are Good For You 

At STRCH, we understand the challenges faced by people during their workout activity and other intense sessions and that is why we are dedicated to build the perfect activewear with the help of an unconventional fabric- nylon. 

Our features like sweat resistance, quick-dry properties, anti-bacterial, and 50+ UPF rating for sun protection are designed to keep you comfortable during your intense workout sessions. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your favourite activewear from us and feel the “skin-like” difference during your workouts. 

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